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Woot! We are having our first internal online tests for aaaages!

Snif... snif... we smell the blood of an alpha build. It can only be a matter of time...

Still not dead.

January blues? have spaceship pix.

Home Straight

Ok, so when we said THIS YEAR PEOPLE, it turned out that that was a lie. We are going to be late, but we will try and set a new date after the new year's fuss is over.

This year has been littered with obstructions, both in development of Planetstorm and in the lives of our guys on the team. But all is not lost. We have made great strides towards a more enjoyable AFF experience. We now have a unified weapon modding system which runs straight through from pistols to capship turrets, we have excellent new space AI which you can use as an autopilot, we have several new space maps, a new ground-only map, and all of our art on the ship interiors is done! The ship windows now have a much better resolution and dont eat your cpu so much, we have unique damage for each of our 8 capital ships (one brand new destroyer what u hav never even seen)

The core gameplay has been honed, and our task now is moving a bunch of prototype Kismet stuff over to real bulletproof code. Once that's done, we can set up the maps for gameplay and get a build out of the door.

Yeah yeah, I know, all you want is pix :) OK, pix then...
This is a lil dev montage comprised of shots from builds in the last few months. they are Warts And All - note that the FPS counter shown may not reflect actual performance.

pretty much everything else is reflecting actual performance pretty nicely :)

AFF dev blog

AFF:Planetstorm UDK Showcase Released!

AFF:Planetstorm UDK Showcase Released!

As part of Epic's ongoing promotion of the UDK engine, we've released a showcase using the content from our Unreal Tournament 3 mod and rebuilding it on the UDK engine. This showcase is a complete standalone game ( no UT3 required ) and is available free on the UDK website's:

The showcase features 2 familiar maps totally reworked with UDK's amazing new Lightmass lighting technology, an inbuilt IRC chat lobby and a host of rebalances and bugfixes. definitely the most awesome version of planetstorm to date. The game is completely standalone and features both full offline bot support and online/lan multiplayer !

NOTE - this is not the next full version of planetstorm, this is a showcase of planetstorm on the UDK engine !

you simply would not BELIEVE what we have planned for next year :) just sit tight! watch this space-time!

RC8, and any version of our UT3 mod is now no longer supported. thank you so much for all your support. The new UDK version of planetstorm will be appearing on a new MODDB page with all the attendant fanfare, as/when we have stuff to show. - the official angels fall first forums, ask any questions here. - the complete AFF:PS showcase manual, has all the info youll ever need.

the dev team have a playnight on sunday and saturday @ 19:00GMT on our dedicated PS server provided by at

now on to the Eyecandy !

The Madness Of Planetstorm The Third

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that we can reveal that AFF:Planetstorm has won THIRD PLACE OVERALL in the MakeSomethingUnreal contest. This was way beyond our expectations and we are correspondingly amazed and delighted!

here is a new trailer of the final Planetstorm Experience! go download it at MODDB

Fans Versus Devs

An eloquent exchange of opinions via the medium of clip-art between the AFF development team and our beloved fans. I only just found this on our forums and I nearly had an asthma attack laughing.

also - check the MEDIA section out for our brand new Planetstorm trailer!

Packing Heat

Its snowing in the UK. like, REALLY snowing. and all our brass monkeys are frozen. So to warm up your cockles in these dark winter days, here's a fab new wallpaper and sig captured by Sudazima. This shot shows off the amazing new fire fx created by Farseer, our resident vfx guru. Happy new year guys!

Click on the image for a 1680 version!

also available in Sig size...

With the UT3 mod version of Planetstorm reaching its final RC8 build, we'd like to invite everyone to come along to our regular playnight, the SMACKDOWN EXPRESS, every sunday from 7PM GMT, whether its snowing or not...

download at

The Evil Has Landed

Ladies and Gentlemen, at 4.54AM GMT this morning, (the submission deadline was 5AM) we completed our final submission to the MSU contest. Planetstorm is now *complete*!

Although this means relatively little in the grand scale of things :P With the unveiling of Epic's UDK, Planetstorm now has a definate future beyond the MSU contest, regardless of our placement in the finals. So we're off to have a well deserved rest for a few weeks, then we'll be back and fully reloaded to continue the fight for great justice.

We have no real idea how badly flawed the RC6 build of planetstorm really is at the moment. dev was going on right up to the line, and there was no time for online testing. we will attempt to do some closed testing for a few days, maybe as long as a week, and provide the new version to the public in time for next saturday's Smackdown Express play night (7pm GMT onwards, see the forums)

Rest assured however that RC6 is just chock full of excellent stuff - here is the changelog.

RC6 (rev. 1792)
- New map - AFF-Lukather
- New map - AFF-Darsalaam
- Tweaked existing maps (including opening up the full extent of AFF-Errah)
- Overhauled Loadout system
- Overhauled and rebalanced infantry weapons and grenades
- Overhauled, rebalanced and fleshed-out vehicle movement, weapons and armor
- Overhauled capital spaceship battles, dogfighting and bombing
- New weapon - AIA Sikfrit 9R gyroballistic marksman rifle
- New weapon model - AIA Automated Flame Turret
- 4 new character models, AIA and ULA Light and Heavy Armor configs respectively, with alternative colors for navy crew.
- Addition of the AISNV Anubis Class Battleship
- 2 new vehicles, AIA Locust class gunship and ULA Duster class air transport
- New loadout equipment: Refrax Cloaking Technology
- New effects management system (combining light, camera, sound, emitters and decals)
- Animated light flashes and lensflares
- New explosions, projectiles and surface-dependant hit effects
- New and improved shaders (procedural smoke and flames)
- New audio SFX for many things. all vehicles, weapons now have sound.
- New scope reticles
- Added missing loadout preview pictures
- New animations including sprint, reload, lean and prone
- Squad commands work in space
- Dynamic crosshair accuracy, recoil and scope sway
- Configurable vehicle camera angles
- Partial health regeneration
- Interactive supply crates
- New bullet armor penetration system and tweaked wall penetration
- Improved user interface
- Improved hit direction indicator
- Improved Ground AI (Bots will now drive vehicles properly)
- Improved HUD functionality

Thanks once again to the AFF team, whos dedication and sheer bastard refusal to accept anything less than the completely impossible has made planetstorm what it is; big, bad, and gorgeous.

Thanks Guys, Awesome Team Is Awesome :) Watch this space for new promotional stuff, screenshots etc.

Moar Win in the MSU contest!

Read it and weep ladies and gents -

Third Place Best FPS Mod
Fourth Place Best WeaponSet
Fifth Place Best Graphics In Map (Meudeverre)

phase 2 = 4th place,
phase 3 = 3rd place

- extrapolating from this we can count on grabbing 2nd place for phase 4 and coming 1st in the finals :)

Thanks once again to our community for their support, and to the whole PS team for continuing the arduous slog towards completion with grim determination and consummate vise!