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AFF: Naval Combat Operations Alpha Version 0.8 released!

Yes ladies and gents, hell has indeed frozen over! AFF: NCO Alpha version 0.8 has finally arrived! Oh, did I mention a name change? AFF: Total Conversion is now AFF: Naval Combat Operations! There are a bevy of changes in store for those brave enough to kick this puppy into the nearest PC!

AFF: NCO Features over 15 new craft, a new resource system, [semi] working AI, new fx, and music, 0.8 is a whole different kettle of fish from the last release. As always, this is an alpha release. This means that there are alot of things that are potentially broken, crashy, unoptimized and unfinished. I decided to release this build primarily to get the testing under way for the beta, as most of the main art assets have been created. Now on to scripting and fx creation, yar!

Playing this new version is not particularly stable for online play lotsa desych errors when combat gets heavy). Hopefully we'll be able to squash alot of these as the mod progresses. Also, new ships, fx and updates will trickle in as they get finished from now on, no more year long waits for content (lord willing). I've included some info on the new systems as long as a critical primer for players to get a handle on whats changed below. Enjoy!

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