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Planetstorm - Where It's At

Like a jagged pebble cast into a fast flowing river, AFF has been smoothed into a more streamlined shape these past few months. We're now trying to behave like a proper developer instead of carrying on like the mod team equivalent of a hippy commune.

The team has been broadly divided into map squads, with a map lead for each of the 3 scenarios we're currently working on, and the rest of the team getting delegated out to fulfill various asset creation duties across the 3.

Code progresses well, and this month sees the construction of our objective system, our ingame UI and a few other bits and pieces.

I can now reveal our first map projects for planetstorm, which are as follows.

AFF-Lukather: A large scale system offensive focussing first on an intense vac-fight to gain orbital superiority over the capital world, followed by a fast-drop spearhead ground action led by the ULP's crack LSO regiment to capture Casey Starport - hub of the system, located by the city of Santa Rito.

AFF-Meudeverre: A tactical vac-fight set in the glacial wastes of the ice debris fields bordering Cinnabar and the KMC. The objective is to capture Antarean station Aquila 9, a staging area awaiting its fleet and protected only by a token force of frigates - but well defended by static gun emplacements and mine fields. The battle continues on foot as marine platoons breach and secure the station while the defenders make a last ditch attempt to summon help...

AFF-Errah. Gritty firefights across a huge arid landscape as a garrison of AIA troops tries to stall the secondary phases of a ULP occupation until the AISN taskforce can arrive to help - or the USN fleet arrives to wipe them out! this massive map features several detailed built-up locations to capture as well as large scale vehicle gameplay across the mountainous wastes. Then follow the fight into space as your fleet attempts an extraction under fire!

pic of these would be a bit premature but much art can be found around the forums if you're feeling that nosey.