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Its A Million To One Chance, But It Just Might Work (tm)

I'd just like to thank you guys on behalf of the AFF team for kicking us up to rank #2 at moddb. its given us an enormous morale boost.

In return, here's some news from under the bonnet...

As of this week we had our first offline tests of the gametype linking FPS combat with capship combat. everything is pretty lame at the moment but it does actually work (give or take a few crashes)

Work on the maps is painful but productive. today we celebrated shaving almost 100mb off of one of our more complex maps with no loss of visual quality (bloated collision, go figure).

New faces at AFF this month include Switch (flight model is now much improved thanks to this gent's handiwork) Darknet (who hammered out our UT3 vehicles and bent them into shape) Xhado (who has churned out some excellent industrial models and general environment art for the maps) Berjj, (who has joined jet on in our mapping department and is already coming up with the goods)

The rest of the team continue to work hard, notable heros include Ikarus and Skyway for their outstanding PS vehicles (tank, apc), Faxmaster for concepting them masterfully, Jetfire for his incredibly dedicated work on our maps (and for putting up with my joyful bloating out of every possible thing with fluff and eyecandy), Sarcen for his incredible work on the gametype, and for dissecting our crazy ideas into manageable tasks, and Oblivion who has outdone himself on environment art.

Also progressing is our MMORTS, The Second Antarean War. extensive alpha testing has smoothed over a lot of rough edges and we now have a working persistent universe (which Treeform keeps spamming with superdreadnaughts) , a galactic map showing fleet movements and battles, a sturdy account system and an inbuilt patcher all up and running.

Plus the visual effects have improved enormously, now boasting torps and cannon and soon working fighters and stations. Next up is a complete UI overhaul, giving 2aw the facelift it has deserved for a while.

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