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AFF:Planetstorm UDK Showcase Released!

AFF:Planetstorm UDK Showcase Released!

As part of Epic's ongoing promotion of the UDK engine, we've released a showcase using the content from our Unreal Tournament 3 mod and rebuilding it on the UDK engine. This showcase is a complete standalone game ( no UT3 required ) and is available free on the UDK website's:

The showcase features 2 familiar maps totally reworked with UDK's amazing new Lightmass lighting technology, an inbuilt IRC chat lobby and a host of rebalances and bugfixes. definitely the most awesome version of planetstorm to date. The game is completely standalone and features both full offline bot support and online/lan multiplayer !

NOTE - this is not the next full version of planetstorm, this is a showcase of planetstorm on the UDK engine !

you simply would not BELIEVE what we have planned for next year :) just sit tight! watch this space-time!

RC8, and any version of our UT3 mod is now no longer supported. thank you so much for all your support. The new UDK version of planetstorm will be appearing on a new MODDB page with all the attendant fanfare, as/when we have stuff to show. - the official angels fall first forums, ask any questions here. - the complete AFF:PS showcase manual, has all the info youll ever need.

the dev team have a playnight on sunday and saturday @ 19:00GMT on our dedicated PS server provided by at

now on to the Eyecandy !