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Welcome to the AFF Universe

"Wheresoever tread the sons of man, war follows in their wake - even unto the heavens..."

It is almost a millennium after the great Earth Exodus, and the colonies of humanity shift restlessly in the turbulence of dissent. The crumbling League of Planets fights tooth and claw to maintain its hold on wayward fringe nations, beset with terrorism and political controversy. The five founding nations seek to consolidate their alliances through diplomatic endeavor - but some are not content with talk.

Proud Antares, eldest and farthest colony of Man has become ever more dissatisfied with the lumbering bureaucracy of the League. In the political arena the Antareans petition remorselessly against the tightening noose of League legislation, but below the surface stratagems and treasons broil and churn. The stage is set for conflict, and none may know which spark may ignite the fuels of war.

Angels Fall First is a vast Lucasian universe creation project, begun as a set of short stories and now encompassing a variety of games, mods and art projects created by an international team. For more fiction and history detailing the AFFU, please check out our Universe Wiki (the UNIVERSE menu item)

With a vast body of beautifully written fiction and history backed up with incredible visuals, the AFF game universe will be focussed on quality titles and immersive experiences.

Current projects include -

The Second Antarean War - an MMO/RTS

Ironangels Starfighter Tournament - A purist starfighter multiplayer shoot-em-up

We are always looking for individuals to contribute to the creation of our universe. current needs include Python/C++ coders, Uscripters, Modellers and texture artists. We expect a professional standard from our team members even though it is unpaid work, so please don't contact us unless you truly have exceptional skills and the spare time to use them on our project.